6 months

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.. post-surgery.

Hopefully my health will keep getting better. And i need to start taking my meds diligently.

Thinking of sharing my recovery experience, tapi malas pulak nak menaip.



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Last Sunday went out with a different clique. We watched movie, sneaked in bubble tea into the cinema, shopped and talked. It was fun because for once I didn’t engage in conversations about work stress, weddings or 10-year plan. All we talk about are tv shows and cute boys. While the former topics seem like an essential during meet ups with other friends, sekali-sekala jadi budak tak matang best gak. To be honest, i miss gossiping about cute boys. Heh.

Staying afloat

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Browsing through old entries, and i came across this post. Funny how situation still hasn’t changed even after 2 years. It seems like I’ve jumped off board yet I’m not swimming to shore nor hitting rock bottom. And it’s kinda tiring to try staying afloat. I just want this to end. Sigh. Quarter life crisis, please go away.


Fayyadh turned one year old last week. God, how fast time flies. Dah pandai jalan terkedek-kedek. Kelakar je. And dah pandai merengek bila tak dapat apa yang dia nak. Spoil brat. But one thing or sure, I’m his favourite aunt. Definitely :D


Kerana bosan

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Oh, happy birthday to incek! Nanti aku emel hadiah. (◕‿◕)

Sekejap je dah tengah tahun. Hoh.

Ahli Baru

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27 Febuari 2011; 11:55 pm

Baby boy. Ahli baru belum bernama.

Insya Allah esok pulang ke rumah.

Seronok tak terkata. Sangat comel ok.

Mata sepet ikut abang, obviously.

“Putih macam kamu masa baby dulu, Lang,” kata Mama kepada aku. (Kembang sat bila dengar. Huhu.)



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This is a bit late. Happy New Year though. 2010 was uneventful for me, personally, aside from my graduation.Spent almost all year just sitting at home, which is kinda pathetic because I still need my parents to support me. :|

I want to write about my new year resolutions or hopes for 2011, but they just don’t sound realistic. So, right now all I hope for is I’ll get a job soon.

I seriously doesn’t have anything to write about. This is just a quick update, a sign that this blog is still alive, I’m still alive. Haha.

Hopefully all of us have a great year ahead. n______n

I swear i had this posted on the first week of 2011. I just realized now it went to draft. LOL

I’m a lamp

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I don’t know why I’m complaining though since i didn’t have any effort to not fade out. 8|